The unspoilt landscapes of Lake Iseo are the touristic heart of Lombardy. A mirror of blue water, surrounded by the suggestive Orobic Prealps and dotted with vineyards, orchards and olive groves.

Like a precious treasure, Lake Iseo is able to conquer every visitor, due to its varied views and rare beauty. It is no coincidence that Monte Isola, a small pearl of the lake, this year won the podium as Best European destinations and, in 2016, hosted the scenographic The Floating Pierce, a floating pedestrian walkway 3 km long. The work of the famous artist Vladimirov Yavachev Christo has attracted over 1 million and 200,000 tourists from all over the world, becoming also the set of a film.

An authentic landscape niche, between the spectacular mountainous reliefs and the intense green of the Mediterranean, Lake Iseo is also a bulwark of naval engineering, thanks to the creative genius of the Riva shipyard. An internationally renowned brand and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury boats, it has been able to rewrite the history and dynamics of this sector, launching unique and inimitable models, such as the famous Aquarama boat.

Among the most famous and appreciated regions of the territory we find Franciacorta, the land of wine par excellence. In this area alternate flavored trails between the various wineries and tastings, where you can taste typical dishes and prestigious gourmet recipes, always combined with the right glass. Among the finest wines are Brut, Saten and Rosè, each with its own intense flavor and delicate fragrances of local grapes.

Amidst dense woods and the gentle ups and downs of the vineyards, Franciacorta is also the perfect place for golf lovers, with its 9 routes, which are concentrated in less than 100 km. Finally, this magical region, hosts the glamorous and retro charm of the Mille Miglia, the legendary car race in which only vintage cars participate, true excellence of Made in Italy.

The Iseo Lake is this and much more, come and discover all its hidden beauties, to enjoy an experience of pure relaxation, surrounded by nature and its breathtaking views!


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