Gcase, a strong and solid name which has lasted for 20 years.

GCASE s.r.l. was founded in 1996 by people with long-standing experience in the construction industry. The necessity of an independent project has brought G.CASE to start its own estate activity, through the direct administration of several building sites in the whole Bergamo area.

After having achieved an important role in the building industry of the area – both in terms of quantity and quality – G.CASE has been moving in the last few years towards new vibrant goals in order to satisfy any kind of holiday estate’s demand.

As a consequence, long range projects were born, involving – amongst several building companies and an already entrenched clientele – new attractive and amazing locations. Their gorgeousness makes  real estate investments in those places a safe and focused investment for the future. Apart from their natural beauties, those areas attract a lot of national and international celebrities as well.

G.Case’s products totally cover the northern Italian estate market, including properties in the mountainous Lombard area of Bergamo, by the Garda, Iseo and Como lakes and in the coastal area of Tuscany, Liguria and Sardinia. All the estates are chosen, designed and built in order to satisfy all the customer’s necessities.

That is why G.CASE has developed the extraordinary project known as “Villa Rose”: an high-quality living intervention. It has been designed for our more demanding customers in the well known area of “Côte d’Azur”, an exclusive paradise only few kilometres away from Monte Carlo and Cannes.

G.CASE does not offer a simple place to live in. We first get in touch as any other client but later we turn out to be like true friends.